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Pack your wands, brooms, omnioculars and board the Hogwarts Express as PotterVision takes you on a journey celebrating and recreating the absurd scenes of the magical Harry Potter and The Philosopher's Stone. After three sell out years at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe PotterVision is now coming to Manchester on Wednesday 8th April 2020. 


Expect foolish wand-waving, silly incantations, parody, audience interaction and re-enactments that will bewitch the mind and ensnare the senses!


Curious? Well rest your curiosity, this show is suitable for the most casual Potter fan but engaging enough for the most avid squib.


Make sure you have your time-turner as this is the best Harry Potter parody show around!


Lukas Kirkby and Tom Lawrinson solemnly swear they are up to no good and you are in for a night of wigs, wand-waving and lots of lots of laughs as they find out that their fellow cast members have taken a trip through the vanishing cabinet just at the last minute! Left with no swanky costumes or fancy props, watch these wizards of parody overcome the dark arts through magic and humour in this parseltongue-in-cheek rendition of Harry Potter and The Philosopher Stone.


Equipped with Polyjuice Potion, watch Lukas and Tom transform into all your beloved characters from Happy Potter to Professor Snap, break the fourth wall and add a dash of Harambe and 9/11 references. No matter if you are a muggle, Animagus, witch or wizard, this show will have you laughing so much you’d think you had been given a tickling charm!

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Pottervision in Manchester

Wednesday 8th April

The Comedy Store // Manchester

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Pottervision in London

Thursday 9th April

The Bill Murray // London

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